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Overview of the features and functions of MyLTL.


Using MyLTL can save you time comparing carrier rates..

Compare Carrier Rates

Streamline the process of comparing your carrier rates. Jumping from carrier site to carrier site can be time consuming. With MyLTL all of your carriers and rates are in one place. Quickly compare rates and make the best shipping choice.

Compare Carrier Rates
save carrier quotes

Save Quotes

Not ready to ship? No problem. With MyLTL you can save your quotes and come back to them later.

Enter Locations Once

Store your frequently used pickup and destination locations. No retyping needed.


Add accessorials to your quote by selecting them from our comprehensive list. Your quote will include the accessorial fees.

Multiple Commodities

Add multiple individual commodities to the same quote.


Schedule your shipment and track its progress.

Automatic Carrier Fulfillment

Shipments through MyLTL are automatically scheduled and fulfilled by the carrier.

ltl carrier fulfillment
ltl shipping history

Shipment History & Tracking

With all your shipments in one place you can check on your shipments any time and track their progress. MyLTL allows you to add a Purchase Order Number, a Pro Number and supporting documents to your shipments.

Pick-up Date

Select the date you want your shipment to start.

Add Contacts

Add pickup and destination points of contact to your shipment.


Enter extra instructions or details about your shipment.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is generated for every shipment in MyLTL.
Download or print your bill of lading any time.

ltl bill of lading

MyLTL Has Everything You Need

Compare Rates










Bill of Lading


Quote History


Shipment History


Pickup Request


"Not only does save me time by utilizing one platform, it keeps me organized as well."

– Jonathan Riffle, Shipping Manager for Grennfield Cabinetry

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