Client Testimonials


MYLTL.COM has made my daily LTL process more efficient from a quoting, shipping and tracking standpoint. On average I have 5 shipments a day and I am managing multiple carriers to determine the best rate and transit time before scheduling my shipment. This process for one shipment would take me ten minutes to complete as I would have to go to multiple websites to make a sound financial and transit time decision on behalf of our company and customer. With the help of MYLTL.COM, I am now able to move through this process in its entirety in roughly “One Minute”. Centralizing my carriers in one place to manage my LTL process has enabled me to spend more time on other tasks that need to be completed. I have found the time savings to be invaluable to me and to All-State Belting. I highly recommend MYLTL.COM to any shipper that is managing multiple shipments and carriers daily! 
Tim Wickline
All-State Belting
Production Supervisor
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“We ship 3-5 outbound shipments per day, using 4 different carriers. Not only does save me time by utilizing one platform, it keeps me more organized as well. I have all of my quoting, shipping, and tracking in one place and am much more efficient. I now can pull reports whenever I want them and compare my carriers. This helps me negotiate my rates with my carriers, and helps to compare them to each other to gain better discounts. I would recommend to anybody using multiple carriers if they are looking to be more efficient and organized.”

Jonathan Riffle
Grennfield Cabinetry
Shipping Manager